About Ruby Andromeda

Founded in 2010, Ruby Andromeda Productions offers writing, editing, videography, and pre- and post-production services to create first-rate movies, TV shows, short documentary videos, and public service announcements.

About Andrew Pilkington

In 2010, Andrew founded Ruby Andromeda Productions. Andrew has produced three feature length films which he wrote, directed, edited, and produced. He also created a series of videos that explored technology for people with disabilities in collaboration with the Institute of Human Centered Design. Andrew has successfully funded his productions through crowdsourcing and other social media. Born with cerebral palsy, Andrew takes a nonchalant view of his disability - "I live my life the same as anyone else." He is a graduate of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island where he won the Film Excellence Award in 2014. He loves making movie magic.

Andrew has been featured in The Boston Globe and The Huffington post: Andrew Pilkington in The Boston Globe

Andrew Pilkington in The Huffington Post